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# Conversion
With this tool you can convert an _IFCXML_ file into a _SimModel_ file by utilizing a special _MappingTable_ file.
## Execute
1. At the command shell change into `BLM\Conversion\dist` directory.
2. Execute `main.bat` with the full path to an _IFCXML_ file as first argument.
3. If the _MappingTable_ file is correct, the _IFCXML_ file will be converted into a _SimModel_ file.
4. The resulting _SimModel_ file can be found at `BLM\Conversion\dist\output`.
## Upgrade MappingTable
1. Move into `ReqCap\Conversion\output` directory and check if you have the latest _MappingTable_ file. You can refer the latest from [ReqCap][ReqCap].
2. If you don't have the latest, download it from [ReqCap][ReqCap] and store it inside `ReqCap\Conversion\output`.
3. Update the path in `BLM\Conversion\dist\MappingRepository.xsl` to point to the latest _MappingTable_ file.
[ReqCap]: "ReqCap"
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